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  • Resi Respati

    Resi Respati

    Professional web developer by day, unprofessional human being by night.

  • +Bilal Rizwan

    +Bilal Rizwan

  • Danilo Campos

    Danilo Campos

    Software developer, interaction designer, technology educator. Principal at futurefluent.com

  • Tal Kol

    Tal Kol

    Public blockchain for the real world. Founder at Orbs.com. React fan. Ex Wix.com head of mobile engineering.

  • Alessandro Giordo

    Alessandro Giordo

    Frontend Developer / UX / Design / Vue.js Advocate / Nuxt.js Supporter / AI Lover

  • Gina Trapani

    Gina Trapani

    Technology, culture, representation, and self-improvement. Once upon a time I started Lifehacker.

  • DSR —Derick Sozo Ruiz

    DSR —Derick Sozo Ruiz

    👨‍💻 Remote Web Dev

  • Andrey Pokrovskiy

    Andrey Pokrovskiy

    Senior web developer at Gigareef

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