How to customize WooCommerce Templates | Best Plugin?

An online business or e-commerce site is a great way to expand an existing retail shop. You can easily experiment with new products or supplement existing income. There’s no better time to invest in an e-business. The number of people shopping online continues to increase. It’s the perfect time to expand your store and start generating sales.

Have you ever thought about taking WooCommerce to the next level? That’s exactly what I’m talking about!

There are many factors that contribute to having a successful eCommerce store, such as:

  • Defining the right audience
  • Choosing your products carefully to accommodate your demographics
  • Set up your business plan, legal requirements, bank account, etc
  • Build an eCommerce online store
  • Products fulfillment, shipping, and customer service
  • Get your brand out there on social media, paid and organic visitors

Though all steps are essential and equally important, however, today’s focus is on building an eCommerce store.

More importantly, installing the correct plugin i.e. Nextwoo

WooCommerce builder plugin: What is it?

WooCommerce offers some basic templates to run your online store. Hence, a WooCommerce page builder plugin is used to enhance the look and feel of your website. With this plugin, you can replace the default templates and create exciting new and visually great product pages to wow your customers.

WooCommerce has a wide range of components to create any layout you need. Whether you’re looking for a shop page, single product page, custom template of the single product page, or the shop page, you can use WooCommerce.

Let’s take a look further…

Nextwoo is an advanced level of page builder offered by ThemeDev to enhance the look and feel of your online store.

How it works?

NextWoo can help you create elegant templates for your woo-commerce store. If are thinking about a smart & efficient plugin for your online store, then this is it. Those days are long gone when you would, we're looking to pay thousands of dollars to hire a website developer. You do not need to have any coding skills to create beautiful templates in minutes.

What type of templates can you create?

A template is the based structure or foundation of your website or the product page. It is of utmost importance to pay great attention to your templates, otherwise, you can lose potential customers.

Nextwoo can create the following templates for your woo-commerce store:

  • You can create a shop page template
  • Template to improve your product page design and layout
  • Order confirmation page & account creation
  • Customize cart & checkout pages

Grow your business with advanced functionality

Product Variation Swatches are useful to create a variety of a single products. For example: You have men’s shoe in black, brown, white, red and each one of them have different sizes and cost based on features and size. A swatch is a feature of WooCommerce that lets you create multiple variations of same product. This helps avoid creating thousands of product pages with duplicate product description. Next woo can help you customize swatch profiles and edit attributes etc.

Product Pop-us are a great selling point for anyone using online store. This allows your potential customer to have a glimpse of what the product looks like. Most importantly with Nextwoo your customers don’t even need to leave the product page they are on.

Wishlist is very common features most of the ecommerce stores offer. It benefits both ends the provider and customer. How? Well simply put customer can reach the desired product at any time by going to their Wishlist. It can increase the chances of sales by 10x in some cases.

Comparing products is a unique selling point for some businesses. Some of us prefer to compare before we buy a product. What if you could compare similar products on the same website, wouldn’t you agree that it will increase the chances of getting that sale? Nextwoo allows you to add products to comparison list, feature a comparison table and even add your chosen product to cart.

Six must have features in page builder

From a technical point of view Nextwoo is the ideal plugin to take your ecommerce business to next level. If you are still not convinced, here are a few more features to help you make that decision:

  1. Friendly Functions: NextWoo is a WordPress plugin that makes woo-commerce pages much more attractive.
  2. Easy to customize: Utilizing the advanced tools, you can build a store or manage multiple blogs.
  3. Say No to code: Design what you love with no hard coding required
  4. Friendly support: We provide top-notch customer support that helps our customers get what they need in the shortest amount of time possible. Our staff goes out of their way to respond quickly and provide excellent service to everyone.
  5. Easy to import demo: Import demos with one click of a button
  6. Theme Compatibility: You can check with us if Nextwoo is compatible with your theme

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