What are the Awesome Features of Next3 Aws WP Plugin?

Next3 is the advanced service for Amazon AWS S3 Console. You can make your WordPress site blazing fast by offloading your files to AWS S3. Users can upload files, create unlimited buckets or store and folder, drag & drop the files, export & import files with Next3. It is mostly popular for its site speed optimization features. So, without any hesitation, you can go for it.

Awesome Features:

Create unlimited Bucket: It is a very easy way to create a bucket or store by selecting the region then the bucket name has to be set.

Upload unlimited Files: Upload unlimited files from WordPress Media to AWS S3 bucket and use files anywhere on WordPress.

File Manager: It offers a file manager that provides a user interface to manage files and folders.

Files Usability: Users can use stored files from the AWS file manager anywhere in the WordPress directory.

Better SEO Service: All your files will be served from AWS S3 servers taking the load off your server and increasing the speed of your website. This has a huge impact on your Page Speed score, therefore, ranking better in search engines like Google.

File Export / Import: It is very easy to export or import media files from the sites using Next3 Aws.

Drag & Drop Media files: Users are able to upload their all-important files simply by the drag and drop system. It will give you comfort & save your time.

There are more features available. Make your websites super fast by implementing the Next3 AWS plugin.

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