What is the best WordPress site optimization plugin?

  • Better SEO: All your files will be served from AWS S3 servers taking a load off your server and increasing the speed of your website. This has a huge impact on your Page Speed score, therefore, ranking better in search engines like Google.
  • Build In Security: No more worries about backup, security, or time-consuming tasks regarding your files. Your files will be secured on AWS S3 servers with automated backups and many more advantages.
  • Tools You Need: You can move your files to and from S3, switch buckets, create buckets using advanced file transfer interruption protection. And of course, everything wrapped in a beautiful and smart design.
  • Easy Image Maintenance: You can store remotely any type of files that WordPress supports: Images, Documents, Audio, Video. And the great part is that you can do that without any AWS knowledge, directly from your WordPress Media Gallery.
  • Lowers Website Footprint: By storing all your files on AWS S3, your website consumes less space on your server. In conclusion, you can decrease website hosting charges, you can do more backups and you can do faster backups.
  • Better Website Cloning For Development: You can now clone your website and the local machine without needing to copy all the images. With all those outstanding features, fasten your WordPress Website and increase sales in no time. Not just that, they have super friendly support staff who are always ready to give you instant support. So you can consider Next3 AWS and Boom!




We Create Professional Themes & Plugins for WordPress Websites.

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We Create Professional Themes & Plugins for WordPress Websites.

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