What is the best WordPress site optimization plugin?

Nowadays, it is the most common problem to the site owners that their WordPress site’s loading is taking so much time. To make your website superfast while loading, you need to use speed optimize plugins. In this regard, my recommendation is Next3. It is basically an advanced service for Amazon AWS S3 Console. Users can upload files, create unlimited buckets, or store and folder with Next3 AWS.

Why Choose Next3:

Create buckets (store): It is a very easy way to create a bucket or store by selecting the region then the bucket name has to be set.

Upload Files: Users are able to uploads any types of file from here into different sites in no time.

File Manager: It offers a file manager that provides a user interface to manage files and folders.

Files Usability: Anyone can use stored files from the AWS file manager anywhere in the WordPress directory.

Why should you offload your images?

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